Settling-in: Easing the Transition from Home to Childcare


The transition from home to day-care poses a particular challenge for children, especially during their first three years of age. It is also a time of many changes for parents. Many of the family’s established habits and routines change, the child begins to go their own way and new relationships enter into the family system. This transitional phase can come with a lot of questions: What can I do for my child to feel at ease with childcare? How will my child cope when I leave? How will they respond to the new environment and what emotions might I be facing myself in this situation?
This talk delivers insights into what developmental and psychological concepts can guide and support you and your child during this crucial period of transition. You will get to know the Berlin settling-in model, practiced at our day-care facilities, and learn how this model decisively contributes to an individually tailored settling-in period for your child.


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